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Omnichannel successfully in Shopware 6

Omnichannel successfully in Shopware 6

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ยทNov 6, 2022ยท

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Table of contents

  • What is Omnichannel?
  • Is Shopware 6 a good solution?
  • Is using the Omnichannel system from 3rd party good?
  • Conclusion

What is Omnichannel?

That is when retailers use a variety of channels to reach their customers like Facebook, Marketplaces, and Online store, and all channels are fully integrated with each other. When searching documents about it, 3 main benefits of Omnichannel in my opinion are:

  1. Enhance your Customer Experience

  2. Increase in sales, brand awareness, reach, and visibility

  3. Easy to manage and synchronized data locally

Is Shopware 6 a good solution?

Yes, it is a perfect solution. Follow its document. Thanks to its flexible open commerce platform, linking the most qualified sales and communication channels for your business becomes easier than ever. With top 5 advantages that attract me include:

  1. Modular extendibility: Many useful apps in the Shopware Store are ready for you to guarantee your omnichannel success.

  2. All sales channels admin central: Managing all sales channels with just one solution - Shopware

  3. Availability request: Provide an overview for your customer of whether their desired product is still available (In both online and offline stores).

  4. Store locator: When your customers prefer to browse locally, it makes searching for the nearest store and directly viewing important data (Address, opening hours, route, ...) become easier.

  5. Internationalization: Shopware 6 focuses on the international application of the software.

Is using the Omnichannel system from 3rd party good?

Absolutely good, which helps you save your resources and make things like maintaining, upgrading, or adjusting features to suit your business needs easy than ever.


Nice, when taking responsibility to research Shopware 6. Not just only coding, the knowledge about how its success with Omnichannel can be helpful if you want to write your own commerce platform with your team. Cheers, See you at the next one ๐ŸŽ‰.

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